Who is Dr Desai

17th Mar 2012

Dr. Vinay Desai Dr. Vinay Desai is a naturalist and a pharmaceutical scientist with a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences, and an MBA. He holds 15+ patents & 15+ publications in a wide variety o … read more

Eczema and Psoriasis Sufferers Applaud Dr. Desai Soap

4th Oct 2011

Eczema and Psoriasis Sufferers Applaud Dr. Desai SoapMore than 15-million Americans suffer from eczema and an additional 7.5 million are inflicted with psoriasis. Whether newborns or elderly, treatmen … read more

Another Caution on Antibacterial Products

13th Apr 2011

 Another Caution on Antibacterial ProductsTriclosan, found in many personal and home products under EPA investigation.Triclosan has been used for its antibacterial properties for more than 30 yea … read more